Collaboration Is Key

As I prepare for college graduation in the next couple of years I begin to anticipate what skills and situations I need to become familiar with. A huge part of nearly any career is colleagues and business partners, thus we have the wonderful world of collaboration. Collaborating can work wonders in the business world, it can save time, produce meticulous and well revised work, combine two different important views, shed new light – the list goes on. “I’ve yet to meet a CEO who didn’t want his or her company to move faster” (Ron Ricci 2013). Now and in the future businesses will stress fast working environments that turn out quality work, not only to save money but to compete with the rapidly growing technology field that threatens to turn various businesses obsolete – “In this disruptive era, the companies that will survive are those that can adapt most swiftly.” (Anderson 2013).

My future work in the psychology field will hugely depend on my skills in collaboration. The field of research could not exist without the presence of collaboration. Research findings must be peer reviewed and backed-up by other credible psychologists. Research papers and research itself is usually dependent on more than one person – group work is intrinsic. With the growth of the internet and production of things such as “The Cloud” team members are made even more accessible and teamwork can be completed from wherever ad whenever. Having the option to send out my research findings as soon as possible to fellow team members and psychologists allows for the fastest turn around time as well as the most convenient meeting times for all. The best teamwork does not have to be completed face to face, often times you may never find yourself in the actual presence of fellow teammates but as stated in Psychology Today, “Collaboration does not require constant en face or symbiosis with your chosen partner.  Merging and separating at different phases of the work keeps individual identities and energies intact. This maintains a freshness that feeds the mutual process. “ (Barron 2013).

Collaboration, even for us introverts, is necessary component to working in the real world. Not just necessary, it is extremely beneficial in preparing/producing quality work and/or goods. Speed is central to our modern world, we want what we want and we want it now. Through collaboration we can better meet these wants all while maintaining the quality work that would take one person double or triple the time.


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Social Media

Social Media And The Future Career

As social media continues to grow and expand it’s use is inevitable in the future of the business world. Nearly every career field can in some way, shape, or form benefit from the use of social media to spread their ideas, service, company information, etc. As a psychology major I love to use social media to follow up to date psychology research and discoveries. I know of many psychologists and researchers who take to twitter, facebook, and various blogs pots to relay breakthroughs and current research information to interested members of society. Magazines such as Psychology Today, have created apps to allow easy access to the most up to date psychological findings. The internet has made it possible to spread new information and knowledge far and wide to whomever may be interested. Having an online presence is crucial in modern day as well as the future  – “if you aren’t visible, you don’t exist to the world – social media is replacing classified ads” stated by Schawbel (2013)

Upon graduating college I will be looking to team up with other researchers to work on new studies while going through graduate school. Social Media makes it easier to advertise myself and find others who are looking for help in their research. I will continue to use the applications, twitter, pages, and facebooks of psychology networks to keep up to date with breakthroughs.  In a field such as psychology it is extremely important to keep up to date – things are always changing and being discovered. Social media is going to update a lot faster than a text book. It allows for the spread of information right at the time it is relevant – a crucial aspect of psychology research.

Looking even further into the future, I plan on utilizing social media to spread the word of my business/services. When youre just starting out it is VITAL to get the word out about your business/idea and allow other people in on the reasons it is important to them too. I want to use social media to express my visions and goals of my company (whatever it may be) and allow others to share in the benefits.

Social Media isn’t going anywhere As Carrie Kerpen notes in a recent article, “I believe strongly that there are key areas within social media upon which you may build a career. These areas will survive the emergence and dissipation of networks, tools, and philosophies. So, if you’re a recent 20-something, know a recent 20-something, or even just have an interest in making a career change—I’d look at these areas to withstand the test of time” (2013). Social media will continue to take over and even form the standing ground for many companies. Keeping up to date with the changes and new technology helps to ensure your business will be recognized and your news will be heard.


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